ALUPRO Launches Aluminium Caps & Closures Recycling Initiative

Screw caps used on wine and spirits bottles are made from 100% recyclable aluminium

ALUPRO has launched a new recycling communications initiative for local authorities to increase the recovery of aluminium caps and closures for recycling. The new “You Can Leave Your Cap On” campaign, in partnership with British Glass and the EAFA (European Aluminium Foil Association), encourages recyclers to screw the caps back on their empty bottles before recycling as the metal can be successfully extracted
Following research by Alupro into the UK closure market via both its members and those of British Glass, it was discovered that approximately 5,000 tonnes of aluminium from caps and closures could be recovered. At today’s raw material prices that’s over £2 million worth of aluminium that could be diverted from landfill. It was also highlighted that there is currently no end-user messages or communication focussing on recycling aluminium caps and closures via either kerbside collections or bring bank systems throughout the UK.during the glass recycling process. Read more

Alupro keen to discuss “Review of Producer Responsibility Schemes”

Alupro (Aluminium  Packaging Recycling Organisation), has welcomed the opportunity to comment on Defra’s Review of Producer Responsibility Schemes, supporting in general its objectives, however, it has highlighted a number of areas of concern and seeks further discussion and clarification. Read more

Novelis makes £1.7 M recycling investment in Warrington facility

Novelis, the world leader in aluminium rolling and recycling, announced the completion of a £1.7 million upgrade program at its aluminium can recycling plant in Warrington, Cheshire.  Read more

Independent verification confirms 70% of rigid metal packaging was recycled in 2010

Metal Packaging Europe asks for stronger commitments regarding the verification of recycling data. Read more

Young Designers Rise to the Aluminium D&T Challenge

The Aluminium industry gathered in Birmingham to celebrate the creative talents of six young designers, winners in the first Alu D&T Challenge competition for 11 to 14 year olds. Read more

MetalMatters announces 2012 programme results

PRESS AD: Where does the metal you recycle end up? (white background)MetalMatters, the metal packaging industry’s kerbside recycling improvement programme, has followed up its initial promise and delivered unprecedented success in 2012. The programme has reached 1.9 million households across 31 local authorities and significantly increased the metals capture rate in each campaign. Read more

First MetalMatters campaign of 2013 launches in South London

The metal packaging industry has launched its landmark MetalMatters recycling programme to households across South London, in a move to boost collection levels for metal packaging at kerbsides in the capital.

l-r: Rick Hindley, Alupro; Mike Stafford, Viridor; Cllr Derek Osborne, SLWP Chair and Rachel Lewis, Chair, SLWP Management Group

l-r: Rick Hindley, Alupro; Mike Stafford, Viridor; Cllr Derek Osborne, SLWP Chair and Rachel Lewis, Chair, SLWP Management Group

The innovative six-week campaign is the first of its kind to launch in London, and will involve two leaflet drops delivered to all 365,000 households across the four Boroughs in the South London Waste Partnership – Croydon, Kingston, Merton and Sutton.

This will be supported with outdoor advertising on buses, trams and collection vehicles to remind people that all metal packaging can be recycled and reused endlessly. The campaign will be supported by local activities organised by each of the Boroughs.

The South London campaign is being jointly funded by MetalMatters, an industry partnership comprising the UK’s leading producers, users and recyclers of metal packaging, Recycle for London and recycling company Viridor. This is the first campaign to receive a direct financial contribution from a waste management contractor.

Councillor Derek Osbourne, Chair of the South London Waste Partnership Joint Committee, said: “This is the first time that the MetalMatters programme has been implemented in London.  The campaign shows our commitment to increasing recycling rates and keeping valuable recyclables away from landfill sites.

“People in South London are keen to do their bit for the environment, and the campaign is a great way for us to encourage them to recycle household items such as food and drink cans and aerosols more often.”

Viridor’s Regional Manager, Mike Stafford, said: “I am delighted that Viridor is able to support the MetalMatters campaign. Supporting initiatives like this is at the core of our business and I look forward to seeing more metal packaging arriving at our facilities for recycling in the months to come.”

Rick Hindley, Executive Director of MetalMatters project managers Alupro, said: “The South London campaign is a great way to kick-off MetalMatters in 2013.  We are delighted to be working with Recycle for London, and that Viridor have agreed to come on board and make a significant financial contribution to the campaign; it makes it a true partnership programme. We are looking forward to seeing the impact the MetalMatters campaign has on metal packaging capture rates.”

This is the first MetalMatters campaign to launch in 2013 and follows five other projects that ran around the UK in 2012. Over 2 million households have now been reached by the programme since Alupro was charged with project management by founding partners BCME, Novelis Recycling and Tata Steel in 2011


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Environment Secretary asks Scotland’s Businesses to ‘make every can count’

Drinks can recycling programme Every Can Counts launched in Scotland today (26th November) to help businesses make sure recycling is in the can.

In Scotland, an estimated 252 million drinks cans are consumed per year outside the home, either ‘on the go’ or by employees in the workplace . Every Can Counts estimates that an organisation of 50 employees could recycle 3,000 drinks cans per year by making recycling part of their everyday routine2.

Every Can Counts has been developed by the drinks can manufacturing and recycling industry. Its launch in Scotland is supported by the Scottish Government’s delivery partner, Zero Waste Scotland, and A.G. Barr. It marks a three-year commitment to drive up recycling rates within the workplace.

The organisations have joined forces with Every Can Counts to spearhead workplace recycling ahead of the new Waste (Scotland) Regulations which come into force in January 2014 and will require all businesses to separate paper and card, plastic, metal and glass for recycling.

Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead said: “Making one drinks can from raw materials uses the same amount of energy as it takes to make 20 cans through recycling. Recycling cans gives our economy a boost through access to a good supply of metal; recycling waste is generally cheaper for organisations than sending it to landfill, which also helps to tackle climate change.

“Recycling at work and while we are on the go will help to meet Scotland’s ambitions targets to recycle 70 per cent of all waste by 2025. To support this, the Waste (Scotland) Regulations require all businesses to separate dry materials by January 2014.”

Andrew McFarlan, Programme Manager Scotland, Every Can Counts said; “It makes good business sense for workplaces to get in the habit of drinks can recycling. With the launch of this new partnership in Scotland it’s now easier than ever to provide employees with facilities such as recycling bins, posters and leaflets to recycle. It also allows businesses to bolster their environmental credentials and demonstrate a clear commitment to reducing waste. With Every Can Counts businesses can be up and running within five days – it’s that simple.”

Jonathan Kemp, Commercial Director, A.G. Barr said: “Recycling and re-using packaging have always been important issues at A.G.Barr and we are committed to doing what we can to encourage everyone to dispose of products and packaging responsibly. We are supporting Every Can Counts because we share their aims of reducing waste and re-using and recycling more. The Every Can Counts scheme makes it simple and easy for people to recycle more drinks cans at work and whilst on the go. It will also help contribute towards achieving the Scottish Government’s national recycling target.”

Iain Gulland, Director of Zero Waste Scotland, added: “Ensuring businesses are informed about the new regulatory requirements for recycling, and ready to comply and reap the associated benefits, is a key focus for us next year. We will be actively engaging with businesses across the country, and providing a variety of support and guidance, to do this.

“We already work with local authorities to help them drive up householder recycling rates, using tools including Recycle for Scotland – a brand which, like Every Can Counts, has galvanised support from UK retailers. We will be rolling this out in Scottish workplaces too, and Every Can Counts is a perfect complement to that. Increasing our can recycling rates holds both environmental and economic benefits, and it’s fantastic to see the recycling industry driving this forward with our support.”

Every Can Counts helps employers with setting up and promoting drinks can recycling within their organisation and is designed to complement existing recycling facilities or as a stand-alone scheme.

Since launching in the UK three years ago, the programme has so far helped businesses save over 75 million drink cans (1138 tonnes of aluminium and steel)3 for recycling and avoiding 8,529 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions4.

As an added incentive Every Can Counts are offering the first 100 businesses to sign up to the programme in Scotland a free starter pack, advice and resources to introduce and promote recycling facilities to their workplaces.

Aluminium on course to hit Targets

The aluminium packaging sector is on course to reach its 2012 recycling targets, but the PRN system is entering uncharted territory, according to Rick Hindley, chief executive of the Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation (Alupro).

Addressing an audience from across the metals and recycling industry at the organisation’s annual seminar in Birmingham, Mr Hindley predicted that in2012 the aluminium sector would reach its target.; “Recently released data for Q3 shows that there is underlying growth of around 2 per cent overall compared to last year, with the 100% packaging category up by around five per cent.”

However Mr Hindley said that there is a real possibility that for the first time ever a packaging material may miss its recycling target and that the effect on the system could be significant.

Welcoming the Government’s new packaging targets set to 2017 he said they create ambitious objectives, which complement Alupro’s own, and he believes there is no doubt that they will move recycling forward.

He added that in order to achieve the new targets, Alupro members and their partners will be focussing efforts on increasing the kerbside collection of aluminium, and other metal packaging, as well as working to ensure that aluminium packaging recovered from residual waste through energy from waste plants (EFW) and other treatment technologies counts towards the officially reported recycling performance.

“We estimate that to reach the new targets a further 19,000 tonnes of aluminium packaging will need to be recovered. Our business plan shows that the majority of this material will have to come from improving capture rates from kerbside collections and by officially recognising the aluminium that is recovered from incinerator bottom ash (IBA). . To achieve this we are working on establishing a new protocol to formally account for the aluminium packaging that is already being recovered, and will continue to be recovered, as new waste treatment plants come on stream. It is essential that we are able to officially account material towards the targets, as they do in every other country in Europe.” said Mr Hindley.

He went on to outline Alupro’s long-term vision for aluminium packaging recycling saying: “As an industry we have a shared vision to go beyond the 2017 targets and achieve a total recycling rate of 70% of aluminium packaging by 2020.

“Achieving our ambition will require us to develop strategic partnerships across the metal packaging sector, and with local authorities and waste management companies to boost performance of existing collection systems to ensure that over 80% of aluminium beverage cans in circulation are collected for recycling.”

He added: “For over 20 years this industry has led the year on year increases in aluminium’s recycling performance. Campaigns such as Every Can Counts and MetalMatters are testament to our on-going commitment.”

He concluded: “By developing strategic partnerships especially with local authorities and waste management companies, we are confident that we can achieve our goals.”

MetalMatters launches most ambitious programme to date

MetalMatters, the metal packaging industry-led programme designed to increase the capture rate for metal packaging collected at the kerbside, has launched its most ambitious campaign to date, in partnership with Kent Waste Partnership.

The latest campaign sees the marketing communications campaign roll out across 12 local authorities in Kent.  It will run until early December and will include two direct mail drops to each of the 630,000 households in the county.

Since its pilot in 2010 MetalMatters has been closely followed by policy makers, and featured in the Government’s Review of Waste Policy in 2011 as an example of Best Practice.  Now recently-appointed Minister for Resources, Local Environment and Environmental Science Lord de Mauley has also given the programme his support.

Commenting on the launch Lord de Mauley said: “MetalMatters is a great example of how industry and local authorities can work together to engage local communities, drive up recycling rates and also support further development of our waste management and recycling sectors.  The programme in Kent is on a very ambitious scale and we will follow this campaign with interest to see what it achieves.”

The Kent campaign includes leaflets, which will be sent to every home in all 12 districts, supported by locally-targeted advertising and awareness-raising events. Recycling vehicles and buses will carry the ‘make your metals matter’ message.  The eight week campaign, which is managed by Alupro, is being jointly funded by an industry partnership comprising the UK’s leading producers, users and recyclers of metal packaging and Kent Waste Partnership.

Cllr Paul Barrington-King, Chairman of Kent Waste Partnership (KWP) said: “The partnership between the KWP and MetalMatters demonstrates the clear desire for Kent’s councils to work strategically and practically on improving the capture of valuable recyclates.  The support of the Minister for the programme validates our supply chain approach is very much the way to go. It continues to place the KWP at the vanguard of supply chain thinking and activities”

Rick Hindley, Executive Director of Alupro added: “2012 has been an exciting year for MetalMatters, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to run the programme on such a grand scale in Kent. We are looking forward to seeing how the campaign develops and the impact it has on household metal packaging and attitudes to recycling.”

There have been five MetalMatters campaigns during 2012 covering 27 local authorities and reaching 1.5 million households.


Picture shows (l-r) Paul Vanston of Kent Waste Partnership, Ruth Meeke of Alupro and Norman Lett of Beverage Can Makers Europe