The Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation

Caps and Closures

Launched in 2013 the Caps and Closures programme, branded “You Can Leave Your Cap On”, encourages householders to screw the caps back on bottles before recycling at the kerbside or local bottle banks.   The campaign has been deployed in over 50 local authority areas and features on more than 7,500 bring banks.

Since the market for aluminium screw tops and collars is expanding rapidly, particularly for wine bottles, Alupro undertook some research into the UK closure market with the help of our members and British Glass.   It was discovered that approximately 5,000 tonnes of aluminium from caps and closures packaging could be recovered. The most effective method of extraction is via the glass recycling process, where aluminium can be removed using eddy current separation.

At today’s raw material prices Alupro estimates that at least £2million worth of aluminium used in caps and closures could be diverted from landfill.


Benefits of using the Caps and Closures programme

  • Fully-funded programme available to any local authority in the UK
  • Free Communications materials including box and bank sticker artwork, web banners and media materials, are available via the Alupro Media Library .
  • Assistance with launch PR including press release templates, launch photocall, content for webpages and social media


Funding partners

The Caps and Closures programme is funded by the European Aluminium Foil Association Closures Group and British Glass.
The programme is managed and run by Alupro.