The Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation



Do you offer a collection service?

We do not offer a collection service but we can put you in contact with a local collector who could help you.

Do you buy aluminium?

We do not buy aluminium, however we work with many companies that do. Please email us with your query

Do you manufacture or recycle metal?

We do not manufacture or recycle metal. However, we work with many companies that do.

Where can I sell my cans?

We work with many Recycling Centres and Metal Merchants who will pay for aluminium. You can find your nearest centre using our recycling locator or by contacting our office email It is best to contact the centre first before visiting to find out their current price per kilo for cans (1 kilo of cans is approximately 65 individual cans) and if they have a minimum delivery quantity – e.g some may prefer 5kg or more before the will accept delivery. Due to a change in the law centres are no longer allowed to pay cash for the cans you have collected however, they are able to pay by either a cheque or bank transfer. You will need to take proof of ID with you when you visit.

How can I tell if a can is made from aluminium?

Magnets stick to steel cans and not aluminium cans. If you look closely at the print on the side of your can, you will often find the aluminium recycling symbol (below) which indicates that it is made from recyclable aluminium.


How can I safely recycle my aerosols in my council kerbside collection?

Make sure that your aerosol is empty, remove any plastic caps and recycle them alongside your food and drink cans.  Please do not crush them.

How can I tell if something is made from aluminium foil?

You can use our simple scrunch test to determine if your packaging is made from aluminium foil or not. Simply scrunch the item into a ball in your hand if it stays crunched it is foil, if it springs back it is more likely to be a metalised plastic and should not be added to your recycling container.

Take a look at our scrunch test video to watch the test in action:

How clean does my foil have to be when I recycle it?

Please just rinse your foil containers to make sure there are no large pieces of food residue stuck to the sides.

Do I have to separate and wash my food cans from my drinks cans when I recycle them in my council kerbside collection?

You can pop your food and drink cans into your recycling system together.   Just make sure that your drink cans are empty and that your food cans have been rinsed out.

Can I recycle the metal screw cap on my wine bottles, shall I leave them on my empty wine bottles when I recycle them or separate them from the wine bottle?

You can recycle the metal cap from your glass bottles and jars by simply screwing the cap back onto the glass container and placing it alongside your other glass recycling  – either through your household recycling bin or your local glass banks.

Watch our video here:

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