‘Munch, scrunch, recycle!’ this Easter, says Alupro

Alupro, the aluminium packaging recycling organisation, is hopping into spring with the launch of its latest easter-themed promotional campaign, ‘Munch, Scrunch, Recycle!’. Aimed at local authorities, the programme will encourage residents to think more carefully about their waste this Easter.

Each year, around 80 million Easter eggs are bought in the UK, , most of which are wrapped in recyclable aluminium foil. This week, as part of the campaign, Alupro will encourage local authorities to download a library of social media images and animations – available in English and Welsh – to promote responsible recycling.

The assets, available to download from the Alupro website, are designed to encourage residents to scrunch and recycle their foil after enjoying their Easter treats.

Tom Giddings, executive director at Alupro, commented: “Easter is a time for celebration and indulgence, but with foil packaging used to protect Easter eggs each year, it’s also important to remember to dispose of our waste responsibly.

“Aluminium packaging is infinitely recyclable, and with a little scrunch, it can be transformed into something new. By encouraging  the public to recycle their aluminium packaging this Easter, local authorities can help protect our environment and ensure this valuable resource stays in use for longer.”



re3 waste partnership launches foil recycling campaign

re3, the waste partnership covering Bracknell Forest, Reading and Wokingham Borough Councils, has joined forces with Alupro to roll-out a creative campaign encouraging residents to recycle their aluminium foil.

Aluminium is endlessly recyclable, and recycling it saves 95% of the energy used to make aluminium from raw materials. To recycle, simply scrunch your wrapping foil, foil lids or chocolate foil into a ball the size of a fist and pop into your recycling bin.

Foil trays should be wiped or rinsed to remove food residue, there’s no need to run the tap, just a quick swill in the bowl at the end of the washing up is usually sufficient.

Launching today, the “Fantastic Foil” initiative will target households through a paid social media campaign and promotional signage at the re3 Recycling Centres. In addition, pupils from across the three boroughs will be invited to take part in a competition to create a spring-themed sculpture from clean, used aluminium foil.

Entries for the competition will close after the Easter holiday on 19th April, with three winners each taking home a £20 voucher. Their school will also receive £100 in vouchers to spend on books, supplies and activities.

In a joint statement re3 Joint Waste Disposal Board Members: Cllr Karen Rowland, Chairman of the Joint Waste Disposal Board and Reading Borough Council’s Lead Councillor for Environmental Services and Community Safety; Cllr Ian Shenton, Wokingham Borough Council’s Executive Member for Environment, Sport and Leisure and Cllr Helen Purnell, Bracknell Forest Council’s Executive Member for the Environment and Community Cohesion, commented: “We’re on a mission to help residents waste less and recycle more. Rolling out this campaign will enable us to improve awareness and education about the importance of best practice foil (and other aluminium packaging) recycling, with the aim of further improving consumer engagement and increasing capture rates in result. A key part of the campaign is working closely with our local schools to educate and inspire the next generation. We’re looking forward to seeing their creativity shine.”

Tom Giddings, executive director at Alupro, added: “We’re delighted to working with re3 to raise awareness of the importance of recycling aluminium packaging. Since launching in 2017, our foil campaign has reached more than 2.5 million households, with data suggesting that it really helps to drive a positive uplift in kerbside recycling rates. We’re looking forward to seeing the widespread impact of the campaign, as well as helping to judge creative entries from hundreds of budding sculptors across Berkshire!”

To find out more about re3, visit www.re3.org.uk



About the competition:

More information about the competition, including T&Cs  can be found on the dedicated page on re3 website:



About re3 (www.re3.org.uk)

re3 is a waste management partnership between Bracknell Forest, Reading and Wokingham Borough Councils and FCC Environment. The partnership’s aims are to develop solutions for the management of waste in Central Berkshire and to encourage people to reduce, reuse and recycle more of their waste.

MetalMatters recycling campaign rolls out across West Devon

MetalMatters, the industry-supported campaign that encourages households to recycle their cans, foil, empty aerosols, trays, tubes and metal screw tops, has been rolled out by West Devon Borough Council.

As part of continued efforts to improve kerbside recycling rates, the initiative will see residents across the region receive an informative leaflet posted directly through their letterbox. Targeting more than 26,000 homes across the borough, the campaign aims to raise widespread awareness of how best to recycle used metal packaging.

Since its launch in 2012, MetalMatters has been adopted by hundreds of local authorities across the UK. Designed to support kerbside recycling schemes, MetalMatters can be run by any local authority, either region-wide, by collection round or even by demographic targeting.

Commenting on the announcement, Cllr Lynn Daniel, Lead Member for Environment at West Devon Borough Council, said: “Our goal is to increase recycling rates and reduce waste by identifying environmentally responsible ways to meet the needs of our local communities.

“MetalMatters will allow us to engage with residents across West Devon, encouraging them to think about their recycling habits and how best to dispose of their metal packaging. Metal is endlessly recyclable, so it’s one of the most sustainable materials that we have.”

Cllr Mandy Ewings, Leader of West Devon Borough Council, added: “Many residents are already committed to recycling and reducing waste, which is great news, but we can do more. It’s worth remembering that every aluminium can you recycle saves enough energy to run a TV for three hours – so putting your metal packaging into your recycling container can make a big difference.”

Tom Giddings, Executive Director of Alupro, concluded: “For more than a decade, our MetalMatters programme has been educating the public about the benefits and importance of recycling metal packaging. We’re confident that the introduction of this campaign will help to drive an increase in recycling rates and households taking positive action across West Devon.

“For us, the most important message is that metal is highly recyclable, meaning the quality and properties of the metal will be unchanged during the recycling process. Making a few small changes can add up to a big environmental impact.”

Funded by the metal packaging industry, MetalMatters aims to educate householders about the benefits of metal packaging and encourages them to adopt best practice recycling behaviours. For more information about MetalMatters, visit: www.metalmatters.org.uk.