Coca-Cola Enterprises makes sure Every Can Counts on its ‘Happiness Pod’ summer tour

Liverpool (17)In a bid to boost recycling among consumers, Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd (CCE) has announced that this summer’s Coca-Cola ‘Happiness Pod’ tour will be supported by an awareness initiative developed in partnership with Every Can Counts. Read more

Success of industry-funded communications revealed in MetalMatters report

MetalMatters Overview Report 2015The business case for recycling communications has been laid out in a new report  reviewing the MetalMatters programme and demonstrating the power of voluntary industry backing. Figures are based upon data from campaigns that have run in 50 local authorities across the UK between 2012-2015, with the support of the metal packaging industry partnership. Read more

intu Trafford Centre takes a canny approach to recycling


The intu Trafford Centre is aiming to recycle more than 1 million drinks cans, following the unveiling of 243 can collectors at various sites throughout    the shopping centre.

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New video tells a story of ‘endless possibilities’

Alupro-Screenshot-2Alupro has produced an animated video to explain to consumers why it’s important to put the cap back on your empty glass bottle before recycling. Read more

1000 Scottish Businesses make Every Can Count!


L-R: Deborah Jones of A.G. Barr plc, Jamie Cameron, Programme Manager, Every Can Counts Scotland and Jon Molyneux of Zero Waste Scotland

Drinks can recycling programme, Every Can Counts, has today revealed that over 5,000 new recycling points have been set up across 1,000 Scottish workplaces, making it easier for employees, shoppers and students to recycle ‘on the go’. Read more

Alupro Statement on Q1 PRN Data for Aluminium

Quarter 1 data for Aluminium Packaging highlights the need for an overhaul of the PRN system, says Alupro Executive Director Rick Hindley.

Packaging waste recovery data released by the Environment Agency for the first quarter of 2015 shows that reported aluminium packaging recycling is significantly below the levels required to achieve the 2015 target. Whilst 100% packaging is above the figure reported in Q1 2014, the tonnage reported for aluminium packaging recovered from incinerator bottom ash (IBA) is significantly below the level we know has been recycled or exported. Read more



A new drinks can recycling initiative in South Lanarkshire is hoping to inspire 18,000 students and staff to make their drinks cans count.

New can crushers have been installed at all 17 of the education authority’s secondary schools as part of a campaign developed by Every Can Counts, with funding from Zero Waste Scotland.


GREEN CAN AWARDEight organisations have been recognised for going the extra mile when it comes to drink can recycling, with the presentation of the first  ‘Green Can Awards’ by leading drinks can recycling programme Every Can Counts.

The ‘Green Can Award’ winners were shortlisted by a panel of experts against key performance indicators, with an onus on going above and beyond the call of duty to encourage responsible waste disposal and improve recycling uptake in their organisation.

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European recycling rate for beverage cans at a new record level

balesSeven out of ten aluminium beverage cans are recycled in Europe!

The European Aluminium Association has announced that the overall recycling rate for aluminium beverage cans in the EU + EFTA countries increased by 1.5% points to a new record level of 69.5% in 2012.  Read more

MetalMatters launches in Wrexham

1002Recycle08The first MetalMatters campaign of 2015 sees people living in Wrexham being urged to make their ‘metals matter’ by recycling more of the estimated 58.4 million items of metal packaging they use in their homes every year.*  Read more