Alupro comments on the first year results for Courtauld 2

Alupro has welcomed the Courtauld Commitment first year progress report, published by WRAP, but says that alongside increasing resource efficiency, a determined drive to realise the value of waste and increase packaging recycling rates is required for Phase 2 of the Commitment to be fully successful in reducing the environmental impact.  It also calls on the Courtauld signatories to get behind industry-led recycling programmes, which are also having a positive impact on recycling performance.

It is encouraging to note the good progress made towards the Courtauld Commitment’s packaging target; the reduction of 5.1% (295,000 tonnes CO2 eq.) in greenhouse gas emissions associated with primary and single-use packaging in 2010 is welcome news.

However, although this means the agreement’s partners have achieved 51% of the overall target of the Phase 2 Commitment in the first year, this apparent success is undermined by a fall in the proportion of packaging recycled from 61.8% in 2009 to 60.7% in 2010.

This fall in the packaging recycling rate illustrates how important it is to continue communicating the value of waste. For those waste streams where we know the awareness of this value is increasing, we have seen corresponding increases in recycling rates.  For metal packaging, where end of life recycling rate is the acknowledged metric to measure environmental performance/improvement within Courtauld, this is particularly significant.

The recycling rate for aluminium packaging has increased steadily since 2008; In 2011, we have already seen a 30% increase in collection volumes up to the end of quarter 3 compared to the same period in 2010; this would suggest that we will see a significant increase in aluminium recycling performance for 2011.

Recycling programmes such as Every Can Counts, Aerofoil and MetalMatters have been developed, and are funded, by the metal packaging industry, along with some leading brand owners.  All have contributed to ensure this increase in recycling rates has matched record sales of metal packaging over the last two years, and Every Can Counts and MetalMatters will continue to expand and deliver in 2012.

Key to the on-going success of all these programmes is ensuring that they are representative of the metal packaging sector, and all represent an effective means through which a business can demonstrate extended Producer Responsibility. Alupro therefore calls on Courtauld signatories to engage with the industry’s programmes. By working in partnership across the packaging supply chain, we can increase the awareness of the value of waste and make significant increases to the recycling rate for all packaging materials.

Ultimately, the Courtauld Commitment is not simply about meeting targets, it’s about doing the right thing for your business, your customers and the environment

Every Can Counts launches ‘on the go’ recycling in Barnstaple

Drinks can recycling programme Every Can Counts has been launched to shoppers and retailers across Barnstaple town centre. Working with BID Barnstaple in partnership with Barnstaple Town Council, Every Can Counts is working toimprove drinks can recycling in the centre’s 400 retail units.  Barnstaple is the first retail centre in the South West to launch the programme.

Every Can Counts has been introduced as part of a focused green strategy, to demonstrate an environmental commitment, which includes diverting as much waste from landfill as possible.  The programme also fits with the BID civic pride initiative, which aims to encourage both traders and shoppers alike to take pride in their town centre.

Every Can Counts has previously partnered with North Devon Council, Ilfracombe Town Council and Woolacombe Parish council to encourage residents to recycle their drinks cans at Ilfracombe and Woolacombe beaches. Cans are being collected and processed by local community recycling enterprise, Community Resources,  a not-for-profit organisation based in Ilfracombe with a satellite unit in Barnstaple, which  provide meaningful, practical and worthwhile activities for adults with learning disabilities.

Expanding on this partnership, each of the 400 stores and restaurants within Barnstaple town centre have been provided with Every Can Counts recycling boxes and promotional materials to encourage both staff and shoppers to recycle their empty drink cans.

Rick Hindley of Every Can Counts comments: “More than nine billion drink cans are sold in the UK each year, and of these around 30% are consumed ‘on the go’. Through the partnership with BID, we will be engaging with two significant groups of ‘on the go’ consumers – those who work in businesses in the town centre and shoppers – so it offers us great opportunity to comprehensively promote drinks can recycling to a wide audience.  We have high hopes for this partnership, and hope to use our experience in Barnstaple to develop further projects with other town centres and retail sites in the future.”

Dane Stanley, Chairman of BID Barnstaple said: “We’re really excited to be the first shopping centre to launch the Every Can Counts programme in the South West.  We truly believe in environmental sustainability, and we are delighted to be able to engage with our shoppers and businesses and allow them to recycle their own cans. We hope other town centres will follow our example and introduce Every Can Counts.”

Although Barnstaple is the first retail site in the South West to introduce Every Can Counts, the programme is being actively promoted in workplaces and to ‘on the go’ consumers around the UK.  525 organisations now use the programme and there are more than 4200 Every Can Counts recycling points in offices, hospitals, universities and tourist sites all over the country.

Research reveals effective communication is key to success of workplace recycling

New research from drinks can recycling programme, Every Can Counts, has revealed that businesses are calling out for more support to help implement successful workplace recycling schemes.

According to surveys of employers and employees from more than 80 organisations, the greatest challenge encountered when implementing workplace recycling initiatives is staff understanding; nearly a quarter of businesses revealed their organisation struggled with communicating how and why to recycle to employees to create lasting behaviour change.

The research, which investigated attitudes to recycling in the workplace, also revealed that over half of the businesses running a recycling programme were motivated to do so by environmental concerns. Furthermore, almost 20 percent of employers with a scheme in place cited cost saving over regular waste disposal as a motivation for starting recycling.

With many organisations working towards sustainability objectives, including zero waste to landfill targets, the research demonstrates that businesses would benefit from greater support to help achieve their environmental goals. In response EveryCan Counts has launched a new online information hub designed to help organisations and individuals increase recycling in their workplace. Recognising that an effective recycling programme combines service with promotion, the new online hub, provides information and advice on setting up or reinvigorating a recycling scheme, along with communications resources to help with promotion to staff and customers.

The new site also includes a series of case studies of organisationsincluding Emap and Land Securities discussing how they successfully implemented the recycling programme and providing advice on employee and customer engagement. The latest in the series is from Jaguar Land Rover who has been using the Every Can Counts programme for the last 18 months at three of its UK sites to help achieve their commitment to environmental responsibility. This case study can be viewed at

As an added initiative to help boost drinks can recycling, new organisations that register with Every Can Counts before the 31 December 2011, will receive a free starter pack, and be entered into a draw for a chance to win an Every Can Counts drinks can crusher worth over £800 The winner will also receive a consultation from an Every Can Counts representative, and promotional materials to kick start or invigorate their recycling scheme.

Rick Hindley, Director of Every Can Counts, commented: “Our experience tells us that putting a recycling box in an office doesn’t constitute a recycling programme, you have to educate people how to use it!  Successful recycling and lasting behaviour change requires regular communication to remind staff how, what and where to recycle. We know that Every Can Counts helps increase drinks can recycling, and also boosts collections of other recyclables in a workplace. With the right resources, workplaces can easily encourage long-term behaviour change among the workforce and achieve their environmental goals. We intend to build on the insight this research provides to continue to offer practical help and support to anyone wanting to step up their recycling, whatever their workplace.”

The Every Can Counts programme is currently running in 485 organisations, across 1,300 sites and there are 4,000 recycling collection points. In 2010, the programme helped recycle over 27 million drinks cans in the workplace, equivalent to every employee at organisations registered with the programme recycling four cans per month.

Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd Supports Alupro Recycling Drive

Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd (‘CCE’) has signalled its support for the work of the aluminium packaging sector in driving up recycling rates by joining recycling organisation Alupro, it is announced today.

The announcement comes as part of a broader CCE commitment to set the standard for sustainable packaging, increase recycling rates and produce 100% recyclable cans and bottles.

Alupro executive director Rick Hindley says: “Having CCE on board as members will lend impetus to our work, taking Alupro to the next level. For the past 22 years we have been working successfully on behalf of aluminium packaging producers, converters and reprocessors. Now our membership represents the entire aluminium supply chain and this will be a major step forward in our efforts to improve the recycling infrastructure, increase collections and encourage people to recycle more.

“Aluminium packaging is 100% recyclable and the reprocessing capacity already exists in the UK, so the challenge is to make sure the collection infrastructure is in place.”

CCE commercial recycling manager Nick Brown said: “CCE has been impressed by Alupro’s work to increase awareness of aluminium packaging recycling and we are looking forward to getting more involved in Alupro’s programmes.

“CCE is committed to transforming recycling by educating and inspiring consumers, by championing improvements to existing collection systems and by investing in strategic recycling infrastructure projects. Alupro membership fits well with that approach.”

Rick Hindley confirmed: “We are excited about the possibilities that working with an organisation like CCE represents; it is an exciting time as we begin to explore the ways in which we can work together and make a real difference to the aluminium recycling industry.”

Aerofoil Achieves Recycling Target Success

Alupro has revealed that more than 5.8 million households are benefiting from better recycling services as a direct result of the Aerofoil programme.

The news comes as the scheme, which helped local authorities to add foil and aerosols to their collections and to promote recycling services, reaches its second anniversary. Since its launch in 2009, 98 local authorities covering 5.8 million households have expanded their collection systems to include foil, aerosols or both materials.

In total, 83% of local authorities are now collecting aerosols, an increase of 16%, while 72% are now collecting foil, an increase of 14% compared to 2009.

One of the major achievements of the Aerofoil programme has been to expand the kerbside collection infrastructure for aluminium foil trays, enabling it to qualify for the Widely Recycled at Recycling Points’ labelling under the British Retail Consortium’s On-Pack Recycling Labelscheme. To qualify, 65% of local authorities must collect the material with kerbside or ‘bring’ systems (minimum five collection banks per local authority). The criteria will increase to 70% in 2012 and 75% in 2013 – targets which, thanks to Aerofoil, the sector is already well on the way to achieving.

Alupro executive director Rick Hindley, said: “We set out to help 80 local authorities add aerosols and foil to their services. In fact 98 new authorities have now changed their kerbside programme to include either, or both material as a result of this programme.  Our communications materials have been downloaded by over 140 different users.  We see it as a great success and an excellent example of how partners within the industry can facilitate extended producer responsibility, supporting the public sector to make a real difference.”

Aerofoil also proved that promotion of new services is vital. By establishing successful waste partnerships with 98 local authorities across the country, funding press launches and road shows, Aerofoil helped to increase aluminium aerosol recycling rates by as much as 100% in some areas.

Rick Hindley added: “It is vital that local authorities continue to communicate with households and promote their recycling services.  Regular, clear communication is essential to remind and reinforce awareness.  This will not only increase participation and capture rates, but will bring about long-term behaviour change.  This is an area that the metal packaging industry is already actively engaged in, and will continue to focus on in future activities.”

Alupro to lead MetalMatters

Alupro has announced that it is to lead MetalMatters, the metal packaging industry’s kerbside recycling improvement programme, on behalf of its funding partners.

Originally developed by Beverage Can Makers Europe (BCME) in partnership with Novelis and Tata Steel, and supported by WRAP, the MetalMatters programme achieved impressive results in pilot programmes in two local authorities, improving kerbside capture rates for metal packaging.  The programme was named Communications Campaign of the Year at the recentCIWM Awards for Environmental Excellence.

Alupro will build on the successes achieved so far, and draw on learnings from its own successful Aerofoil programme, which helped local authorities expand kerbside programmes to include aerosols and foil containers.  It will focus initially on developing campaigns in strategic partnerships with local authorities and developing the funding base to ensure the programme becomes a showcase for extended Producer Responsibility for partners across the metal packaging industry.

As part of this process Coca Cola Enterprises Ltd (‘CCE’) has become the first packer/filler to partner with the programme, along with the UK’s leading foil container manufacturers i2r Packaging SolutionsNicholl Food Packaging and Coppice Alupack.

CCE commercial recycling manager Nick Brown said: “MetalMatters is an excellent example of an industry initiative that is capable of really delivering results and creating positive change.  As a company committed to transforming recycling by educating and inspiring consumers, championing improvements to existing collection systems and by investing in strategic recycling infrastructure projects MetalMatters is a perfect fit for us and we look forward to contributing to its future success.”

On behalf of BCME, Norman Lett said: “Alupro has a successful track record of developing and managing programmes which bring together partners from different sectors of this industry. We are confident that they can realise the huge potential of MetalMatters and are excited by the progress they have already made in developing the funding base.  All the partners look forward to working on increasing the impact that MetalMatters can have on kerbside recycling rates for metal packaging across the UK.”