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Every Can Counts accounts for 51m cans recycled in 2011

Every Can Counts, the away from home drinks can recycling programme, has today revealed that it helped collect 51 million used beverage cans from workplaces and ‘on the go’ locations across the UK in 2011. This equates to 774 tonnes of aluminium and steel collected and around 5,800 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions saved as […]


Alupro raises concerns about the future of Cash for Cans

An unintended consequence of the proposed ban on cash transactions for scrap metal would be to make ‘cash for cans’ recycling activity illegal. Around the world “cash for cans” programmes have played, and continue to play, a key role in the aluminium recycling ’loop’, and have helped to establish the aluminium drinks can as the […]


Making Northern Ireland’s Metal Matter

The metal packaging industry has teamed up with the local authority waste partnership arc21and its waste management partner Bryson Recycling, to launch the MetalMatters programme to householders across the east of Northern Ireland. The campaign is the UK’s biggest industry-funded recycling programme focussed on boosting collection levels for packaging, involving funding partners from across the metal packaging, reprocessing and […]


Alupro and Recresco Urge Residents to Recycle at Christmas

As sales of mince pies soar in the run up to Christmas, the Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation (Alupro) is urging consumers to recycle all their used foil and metal containers. Eleven large recycling banks, recently installed throughout Broxtowe, Mansfield and Ashfield by recycling company Recresco in partnership with Alupro, mean residents in three local authorities […]


Alupro comments on the first year results for Courtauld 2

Alupro has welcomed the Courtauld Commitment first year progress report, published by WRAP, but says that alongside increasing resource efficiency, a determined drive to realise the value of waste and increase packaging recycling rates is required for Phase 2 of the Commitment to be fully successful in reducing the environmental impact.  It also calls on the […]


Every Can Counts launches ‘on the go’ recycling in Barnstaple

Drinks can recycling programme Every Can Counts has been launched to shoppers and retailers across Barnstaple town centre. Working with BID Barnstaple in partnership with Barnstaple Town Council, Every Can Counts is working toimprove drinks can recycling in the centre’s 400 retail units.  Barnstaple is the first retail centre in the South West to launch the programme. Every […]


Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd Supports Alupro Recycling Drive

Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd (‘CCE’) has signalled its support for the work of the aluminium packaging sector in driving up recycling rates by joining recycling organisation Alupro, it is announced today. The announcement comes as part of a broader CCE commitment to set the standard for sustainable packaging, increase recycling rates and produce 100% recyclable cans and […]


Aerofoil Achieves Recycling Target Success

Alupro has revealed that more than 5.8 million households are benefiting from better recycling services as a direct result of the Aerofoil programme. The news comes as the scheme, which helped local authorities to add foil and aerosols to their collections and to promote recycling services, reaches its second anniversary. Since its launch in 2009, 98 local […]


Research reveals effective communication is key to success of workplace recycling

New research from drinks can recycling programme, Every Can Counts, has revealed that businesses are calling out for more support to help implement successful workplace recycling schemes. According to surveys of employers and employees from more than 80 organisations, the greatest challenge encountered when implementing workplace recycling initiatives is staff understanding; nearly a quarter of businesses […]