Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation (Alupro) response to Resources & Waste Strategy consultations

18 February 2019


“We are delighted that, following the launch of the Resources & Waste Strategy for England, the consultation papers are now published.  The Strategy is ambitious and provides a unique opportunity to develop a more coherent, fully inclusive system that benefits all.


We have the chance to ensure full transparency of the system which will drive positive behaviour change across the packaging and recycling value chain.


Whilst Alupro’s expertise lies in the recycling of aluminium packaging, we are working with other organisations to ensure that responses to the consultations are aligned and can be implemented across all four nations.  We are undertaking research projects to assess the impact, costs and unintended consequences of the various proposals.


We would be more than happy to share our expertise with others who may feel they do not have the relevant insights to respond to the consultations.


Aluminium cans already achieve recycling rates of 72%, and we are optimistic that the options in the consultations will ensure that rates for all aluminium packaging continues to increase.”


Rick Hindley, Executive Director


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