Kent MetalMatters Campaign Results Indicate 100% Return on Investment Within Five Months

MetalMatters Kent campaign launchThe communications campaign which targeted over 600,000 households has driven a 9% increase in the tonnage of metal packaging captured at the kerbside. Read more

ALUPRO Launches Aluminium Caps & Closures Recycling Initiative

Screw caps used on wine and spirits bottles are made from 100% recyclable aluminium

ALUPRO has launched a new recycling communications initiative for local authorities to increase the recovery of aluminium caps and closures for recycling. The new “You Can Leave Your Cap On” campaign, in partnership with British Glass and the EAFA (European Aluminium Foil Association), encourages recyclers to screw the caps back on their empty bottles before recycling as the metal can be successfully extracted
Following research by Alupro into the UK closure market via both its members and those of British Glass, it was discovered that approximately 5,000 tonnes of aluminium from caps and closures could be recovered. At today’s raw material prices that’s over £2 million worth of aluminium that could be diverted from landfill. It was also highlighted that there is currently no end-user messages or communication focussing on recycling aluminium caps and closures via either kerbside collections or bring bank systems throughout the UK.during the glass recycling process. Read more